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Great Western Lumber Company
7636 Goodwin Road
Everson, WA 98247
Phone:(360) 966-3061
Fax: (360) 966-7601

Log Purchasing Aubrey Stargell astargell@greatwesternlumber.net
Accounts Payable Kim Johnson kjohnson@greatwesternlumber.net
Accounts Receivable Linda Prager lprager@greatwesternlumber.net
Mill Superintendent Bobby Kelley bkelley@greatwesternlumber.net
Planer Supevisor Bruce Bajema bbajema@greatwesternlumber.net
HR/ Production Mgr Justin Hamilton jhamilton@greatwesternlumber.net
Sales/General Mgr Gerry Millman gmillman@greatwesternlumber.net
Sales/Wholesale Dave Heldoorn dheldoorn@greatwesternlumber.net

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